Infinity Stone Bracelet | Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Accessory

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The Infinity Gems, originally referred to as Soul Gems and later referred to as Infinity Stones, are six immensely powerful gems. Whoever holds and uses all six Gems gains omnipotence and omniscience

You can’t hold an Infinity Stone for very long without dying. That’s why the Time Stone is in a necklace, the Mind Stone in a scepter, the Space Stone in the Tesseract, etc. Thanos would need to wear a special golden glove to hold all the stones and so would you! 

Product Details:

  • One Infinity Stone Bracelet for one hand.
  • Infinity stone powers not included 
  • Bracelet type: chain, clasp, and ring
  • Clasp: adjustable lobster claw clasps for the fingers.
  • Material: high-quality metal alloy 
  • High quality assured 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Infinity Stones:

- Space stone (blue)
- Mind stone (yellow)
- Reality stone (red)
- Power stone (purple)
- Time stone (green)
- Soul stone (orange)